Target Identification.

Gain access to a curated list of targets that align with your specific criteria, along with tailored
outreach materials to facilitate direct engagement with these opportunities.

Criteria Alignment.

Leveraging our comprehensive Buyer Questionnaire and collaborative kickoff meeting, we develop a clear understanding of your ideal acquisition target(s) considering both financial and cultural criteria.

Target List Generation.

Through our proprietary database and specialized research processes, we identify targets that match your acquisition goals and provide the relevant information needed for your outreach.

OutreachMaterial Development.

Our team designs a customized prospectus that outlines your acquisition objectives and value proposition as a buyer to entice and engage prospective targets.

Advisory & Delivery.

Once your customized target list and designed materials have been finalized, we will share a file of these deliverables and advisory regarding outreach strategies during a review call with your team.

Transaction Consulting.

Successfully engaged a target in an acquisition discussion and need more support? Let us navigate negotiations, streamline due diligence, and drive your deal across the finish line with Transaction Consulting.