Our Approach

We go beyond the “transactional” nature of traditional methods with a more personalized approach. By placing cultural synergies at the same level of importance as financial metrics, we’re supercharging deal flow and fostering partnerships that exceed expectations.

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Our processsimplified

01. Strategic Alignment
Search Criteria Alignment | Advisory to Maximize Potential

02. Target Identification
Strategic Planning | Curated Outreach | Target Vetting

03. Collaborative Execution
Buyer-Seller Introductions | Valuation & LOI Advisory | Negotiation Support

04. Deal Closing
Streamlined Due Diligence | Closing Process Management

Niche Focus

We are experts in lower-middle market transactions, specializing in guiding buyers through acquisitions under $100M.

Lower-Middle Market M&A Experts

Accelerated Timelines

It shouldn't take 9 months to identify a qualified target. Our individualized, high-touch process is intentionally designed to minimize deal friction points and close transactions in just 4-6 months on average.

Target Quality

By pre-vetting all targets, we ensure you are only engaging with those who actually fit your search criteria, have synergistic cultural alignment, and are open to an acquisition discussion.

Market Watch

To consistently achieve success in fast-paced industries, we actively monitor market dynamics and analyze emerging trends to derive competitive insights which are used to support your acquisition strategy.

Extensive Network

Our internal database consists of over 100K contacts. We prioritize developing deep connections within our focus industries even when we aren’t actively engaged in a search to continuously expand our network and create warm future leads.

Transparent Communication

Utilizing our Collaborative Dashboard, you are able to neatly monitor overall progress and communicate with your team about specific targets in a high-touch, low-effort flow.

Expectation Management

Throughout the duration of our engagement, we are fully committed to advocating for your best outcome. We are experts at navigating difficult discussions and managing seller expectations to keep deal progress on track.

Thought Leadership

By actively inserting ourselves into conversations and professional networks that drive the industry forward, we are able to maintain visibility and establish trust with key players to consistently expand our reach.

Established Credibility

Armed with our proprietary index of countless comparable transactions and extensive M&A experience - we engage with targets others simply can't reach.

Active Resource

Harnessing the power of extensive transaction experience and industry data, we pride ourselves on being a credible knowledge partner for buyers throughout the entirety of their acquisition journey.


Achieve your acquisition goals by leveraging our high-touch process to engage and successfully close transactions with qualified, off-market targets.

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Engage our team to navigate negotiations, manage expectations, and uphold key relationships to drive a transactions across the finish line with your self-identified acquisition target.

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