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People areour priority

Behind every business is one incomparable asset – people. The most successful businesses thrive due to their team’s strong relationships and ability to foster a collaborative environment that drives innovation.

It’s time to go beyond the numbers and employ a relationship-driven approach to a transactional industry.

“We set out to build the best acquisition experience in the world, and that’s exactly what we’ve done.”

- Amanda Dixon, Founder & CEO

Amanda Dixon | Oliver

We are relatable.

We pride ourselves in putting relationships first, taking a more human-centric approach to the traditional processes resulting in stronger relationships and enduring success. We’re not only advisors, but a sounding board for growth strategy, business planning, and operational optimization.

We are bold.

From our branding to our supercharged strategies, we’re different from your traditional advisors. We have higher success rates because we are willing to insert ourselves into the conversations and networks that drive the industries we serve.

We are authentic.

It’s easy to get lost in numbers and negotiations, so we make sure personalities and cultural synergy are a big of a priority in our transactions. We stay true to ourselves to fostering trust, meaningful connections, and sincere communication to create enduring success.